We Design

Intuitive interfaces that foster adoption and results…The number one reason internet, mobile, and other software solutions fail is the lack of a disciplined design process that:

– takes into account the requirements of the actual end users of the proposed solution;
– assures that the solution will be intiutive, easy to adopt, and require little or no documentation and training;
– includes innovative use of the very latest design trends, tools and technology;
– determines necessary versus unnecessary features and establishes a clear timeframe for completion, testing and release;
– produces a visual representation of  the final product as a shared vision for all parties involved prior to commencement of development.

A poorly-designed solution can miss its window of opportunity by failing to generate widespread adoption with its initial release, or have a short lifespan due to failure to include cutting edge technology.  Such software is typically subjected to costly revision and re-engineering, and ultimately may fail altogether, perhaps in favor of a competitive solution.

Daggero will work with you through a disciplined, constructive process resulting in a detailed visual representation of your product before the commencement of any programming.   We will work together to understand your intended users, and how your proposed solution will serve them.   We will evaluate and recommend tools and technology to assure that your solution is as cutting edge and cost effective as possible.    All interface elements will be attractive yet intuitive, relying on minimal or no end-user documentation, training or support.   We will work with you to improve and revise the documented design until together we have a powerfully engineered solution that will result in the best possible finished product.

 “Together, let’s build something amazing that they have never seen before!”